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Trilok Steel is No.1 Manufacturer of polished SS pipes in India. SS Polished Pipes are available in various finishes i.e. 180 Grit commonly known as Brush or Satin finish, 320 Grit recognised as Mirror Finish & 600 Grit known as Buff Polish. Being a Manufacturer and Exporter of SS Polished Pipes we always have available large stock of Polish Tubes.

What is fabricated pipe?

A fabricated pipes is a component that is designed in straight lengths of metallic pipes and allows for the safe transport of fluids, gases, and solids. A fabricated pipes may be put through cutting, bevelling, welding, and bending processes to produce a reliable module. Fabricated pipes play an important role in different infrastructures in society.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Seamless Steel Pipe

Seamless is a grade of pipes that is designed without any welds or seams. The pipes in the SS grade are produced through an extrusion process as hot billets are passed to precisely shape the pipes. This allows the pipes to have enhanced strength and superior load-bearing capacity. The thicker walled pipes has higher corrosion resistance properties due to its superior surface finish that doesn’t allow for the accumulation of any reducing media. The major disadvantage of seamless pipes is that they are expensive and take a lot of processing time to produce. Apart from this, the pipes can be only produced in sizes of 24 inches or less.

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Seamless Pipe vs Welded Pipe

Seamless and welded configurations are the two most common specifications in which pipes are produced in the industry. Both these types can be distinguished on key features

  • A seamless pipe is produced via an extrusion process without any seams or welds.
  • A welded pipe grade is produced by welding pieces of sheets or strips using a seam welding procedure.
  • Seamless pipe grades showcase 20% higher load-bearing capacity and strength in comparison to a welded tube grade.
  • Seamless pipes are designed in thicknesses up to 24 inches, but the latter can be produced in a wide spectrum of sizes.
  • Welded pipes are cheaper to produce and process than seamless pipes.
  • The absence of welds in the seamless grade allows them to be less prone to corrosion and rusting when compared to the welded pipes having welds or seams.

Exporter & supplier of ERW and Welded Pipe in various material and sizes, check Seamless Pipe price per kg in India

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Know the advantages and disadvantages of Seamless Steel Pipe, check difference between ERW Pipe and fabricated pipe

What is Cold Drawn Seamless Tube?

A cold drawn seamless tube is a module that is processed at room temperature in a controlled setup. Passed over a mandrel the tubes are processed over dies wherein their surface finish is enhanced. The tubes can also be stress relieved or straightened to enhance the overall quality of the already existing high-strength component.

Is seamed pipe stronger than seamless pipe?

A seamed pipe is designed with seams or welds that are prone to failure when exposed to high pressure and temperature fluids and gases. A seamless pipe, on the contrary, doesn’t have any seams and has 20% superior strength and load-bearing capacity when compared to a welded pipe grade. Apart from this, a seamless pipe is more durable, making it a pipe of choice in different applications.

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