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ASTM A358 / ASME SA358

ASTM A358 / ASME A358

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TRILOK STEEL INDUSTRIES is oldest manufacturer of ASTM A358 Pipe.Our offered ASTM A358 Specification  covers Electric-Fusion-Welded Austenitic Chromium-Nickel Alloy Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service, designated Grades TP304, TP304L, TP316 and TP316L etc. ASTM A358 Stainless Steel Pipe suitable for corrosive or high-temperature service. ASTM A358 EFW Pipes shall be subjected to transverse tension test, transverse guided-bend weld test, and hydrostatic test.Trilok Steel Industries is India's largest independent stockholder of ASTM A358 Stainless Steel Pipe includes ASTM A358 TP304 ,ASTM A358 TP304L ,ASTM A358 TP316, ASTM A358 TP316Land ASTM A358 TP201in custom-made shapes and sizes as per the requirements given by our clients, and that too at an affordable and market leading prices.

ASTM A358 Specification, ASTM A358 Pipe Specification (Electric-Fusion-Welded Austenitic Chromium-Nickel Alloy Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service. )

ASTM A358 StandardASTM, DIN, GB, AISI, JIS, ISO, etc other International Standards
ASTM A358 Pipe DimensionsASTM, ASME and API
ASTM A358 SpecificationsASTM A358 / ASME SA 358 – Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5
ASTM A358 Material GradeTP 304, TP 304L/H, TP 304LN, TP 316, TP 316L, TP 321/H, TP 347/H
ASTM A358 Size8” NB to 72” NB. 
ASTM A358 Thickness3mm to 60mm
LengthUp to 6 meters, custom cut lengths
ASTM A358 Wall Thickness3mm to 20mm, SCH 5/5S, 10/10S, 20/20S, 40/40S, 80/80S, 120/120S, 160/160S as per ANSI B36.19/36.10
FinishNo.1 Pickled Finish, No.4 finish, BA Finish, Electropolished Seamless Pipes
Delivery ConditionHot Finish, Cold Finish, Bright Annealed, Polished, Annealed and Pickled, Passivated, Stress Relived
ApplicationFood & Beverage Industry, Construction Industry, Nuclear, Thermal & Power Plants, Petrochemical, Boilers, Cement Industry, Geothermal Plants, Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation Jobs, Mechanical Jobs, Oil and Gas Equipments and Piping Works
PackagePlastic caps on botd ends, Steel bundle, Woven bag or acc. to customers’ request

ASTM A358 / A358MStainless Steel Pipes
ASTM A358 / A358MStainless Steel EFW Pipes

ASTM A358 pipe is suitable for corrosive, high-temperature service, and general applications.  ASTM A358 material weld defects shall be repaired by removal to sound metal and rewelding.ASTM A358 TP304 stainless steel pipe suitable for corrosive or high-temperature service, or both, or for general applications.ASTM A358 GR TP316 pipe dimensionless designator NPS (nominal pipe size) has been substituted in this standard for such traditional terms as “nominal diameter,” “size,” and “nominal size.”

For corrosion and high temperature service, normally not less than 8 in. nominal diameter. Types ASTM A358 304, ASTM A358 316, ASTM A358 309, ASTM A358 310, ASTM A358 321, ASTM A358 347, ASTM A358 304L, ASTM A358 316L, ASTM A358 304H, ASTM A358 316H.

Five classes of ASTM A358 pipe are covered as follows:

ASTM A358 CL1 - ASTM A358 Class 1 Pipe shall be double welded by processes employing filler metal in all passes and shall be completely radiographed.

ASTM A358 CL2 - ASTM A358 Class 2 Pipe shall be double welded by processes employing filler metal in all passes. No radiography is required.

ASTM A358 CL3 - ASTM A358 Class 3 Pipe shall be single welded by processes employing filler metal in all passes and shall be completely radiographed.

ASTM A358 CL4 - Same as ASTM A358 Class 3 except that the weld pass exposed to the inside pipe surface may be made without the addition of filler metal.

ASTM A358 CL5 - ASTM A358 Class 5 Pipe shall be double welded by processes employing filler metal in all passes and shall be spot radiographed.

TRILOK STEEL INDUSTRIES is one of most reputed ASTM A358 Pipe supplier , are the most versatile and widely used stainless steels.We stock and distribute a large and diverse inventory ofASTM A358 grade 304 pipe from industry-leading and widely accepted manufacturers who meet or exceed the stringent technical requirements.

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Types of ASTM A358 Stainless Steel Pipe


ASTM A358 Pipe Sizes

ASTM A358 Stainless steel pipes are finished in accordance with customer needs regarding dimensional and wall thickness specifications as well as heat treatment for more demanding applications. In general a stainless steel seamless tube is manufactured in sizes from 8” NB to 72” NB. according to current standards API, ASTM, and ASME.


ASTM A358 Properties

ASTM A358 Chemical Composition

The below table shows the chemical composition of the used for ASTM A358 Stainless Steel Pipes:

ASTM A358 TP304S30400.082.00.0450.0301.018.0-20.08.0-11.0
ASTM A358 TP304LS304030.0352.00.0450.0301.018.0-20.08.0-13.0
ASTM A358 TP304HS304090.04-
ASTM A358 TP304NS304510.082.00.0450.0301.018.0-20.08.0-18.00.10-0.16
ASTM A358 TP304LNS304530.0352.00.0450.0301.018.0-20.08.0-12.00.10-0.16
ASTM A358 TP309SS309080.082.00.0450.0301.022.0-24.012.0-15.00.75
ASTM A358 TP309HS309090.04-
ASTM A358 TP309CbS309400.082.00.0450.0301.022.0-24.012.0-16.00.7510xC min 1.10 max
ASTM A358 TP309HCbS309410.04- min 1.10 max
ASTM A358 TP310SS31080.082.00.0450.0301.024.0-26.019.0-22.00.75
ASTM A358 TP310HS31090.04-
ASTM A358 TP310CbS310400.082.00.0450.0301.024.0-26.019.0-22.00.7510xC min 1.10 max
ASTM A358 TP310HCbS310410.04- min 1.10 max
ASTM A358 TP316S31600.082.00.0450.0301.016.0-18.011.0-14.02.0-3.0
ASTM A358 TP316LS316030.0352.00.0450.0301.016.0-18.010.0-14.02.0-3.0
ASTM A358 TP316HS316090.04-
ASTM A358 TP316TiS316350.082.00.0450.0300.7516.0-18.010.0-14.02.0-3.05x (C-N) -0.700.10
ASTM A358 TP316NS316510.082.00.0450.0301.016.0-18.010.0-14.02.0-3.00.10-0.16
ASTM A358 TP316LNS316530.0352.00.0450.0301.016.0-18.011.0-14.02.0-3.00.10-0.16
ASTM A358 TP317S31700.082.00.0450.0301.018.0-20.010.0-14.03.0-4.0
ASTM A358 TP317LS317030.0352.00.0450.0301.018.0-20.011.0-15.03.0-4.0
ASTM A358 TP321S32100.082.00.0450.0301.017.0-19.09.0-12.00.10
ASTM A358 TP321HS321090.04-
ASTM A358 TP347S34700.082.00.0450.0301.017.0-19.09.0-13.0
ASTM A358 TP347HS347090.04-
ASTM A358 TP347LNS347510.05- 50.00.06-0.10
ASTM A358 TP348S34800.082.00.0450.0301.017.0-19.09.0-13.0
ASTM A358 TP348HS348090.04-


ASTM A358 Mechanical Properties

MaterialHeatTemperureTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation %, Min
TreatmentMin.Ksi (MPa), Min.Ksi (MPa), Min.
º F(º C)
ASTM A358 TP304Solution1900 (1040)75(515)30(205)35
ASTM A358 TP304LSolution1900 (1040)70(485)25(170)35
ASTM A358 TP316Solution1900(1040)75(515)30(205)35
ASTM A358 TP316LSolution1900(1040)70(485)25(170)35



ASTM A358 Equivalent

ASTM A358 Material Comparison Tables (ASTM →KS, JIS, DIN, BS, NBN, NF, UNI)
KS/JIS SymbolKS/JIS NumbeDIN TypeDIN NumberMateriral NumberRemarksB.S NumberB.S GradeRemarksAFNOR TypeNF NumberRamarksUNI TypeUNI NumberRamarks
A 358 Electric-Fusion Welded Austenitic Cr-Ni Alloy sreel Pipe for High-Temperature Service
Grade 304S30400STS 304TPY/ SUS310STPYD3588 / G3468X5 CrNi 18 9174401.4301(3b)3605304S25LWHT(3b)Z6 CN 18.09A36-209(3b)X6 CrNi 18 108317(3b)
Grade 310S31000STS 310STPY/ SUS310STPYD3588 / G3468X 12 CrNi 25 211.4845WBL-470(3b)(3)A36-209X22 CrNi 25 206900(3b)(11)
Grade 316S31600STS 316TPY / SUS316TPYD3588 / G3468X5 CrNiMo 18 10174401.4401(3b)3605316S26LWHT(3b)Z6 CND 17.11A36-209(3b)X6CrNiMo 17 128317(3b)
Grade 321S32100STS 321TPY/ SUS 321TPYD3588 / G3468X10 CrNiTi 18 9174401.4541(3b)(17)3605321S22LWHT(3b)Z6 CNT 18.10A36-209(3b)X6 CrNiTi 18 108317(3b)
Grade 347S34700STS 347TPY/ SUS 347TPYD3588 / G3468X10 CrNiNb 18 9174401.4550(3b)(17)3605347S17LWHT(3b)Z6 CN Nb 18.10A36-209(3b)X6 CrNiNb 18 108317(3b)#nps

JIS Number and Corrensponding Foreign Standards

Standard NumberGradeTypeStandard NumberGradeTypeStandard NumberGradeTypeStandard NumberGradeTypeStandard NumberGradeTypeStandard NumberGradeType


Available Stock of ASTM A358 Pipe , ASTM A358 SS Welded Pipe

ASTM A358 TP304 Stainless Steel PipeASTM A358 Electric-Fusion-Welded Austenitic Stainless teel Pipe
ASTM A358 UNS S31254 stainless steel pipe Manufacturer in IndiaASTM A358 TP316L Pipe Manufacturer in India
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ASTM A358 Welded Stainless Steel Pipe SupplierASTM A358 Class 2 stainless steel efw pipe supplier
ASTM A358 Stainless Steel Oval Pipe SupplierASTM A358 Class 3 EFW Pipe Exporter
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ASTM A358 grade 321 class 1 pipe SupplierASTM A358 Schedule 80 SS Pipes Stockist
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ASTM A358 CL2 Pipe SupplierASTM A358 gr. 304l EFW Pipe Exporter
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ASTM A358 STAINLESS STEEL EFW PIPES Sizes Available in Stock Schedulewize

Available Grade of ASTM A358 STAINLESS STEEL EFW PIPES in Ready Stock -


ASTM A358 Stainless Steel Pipe Price List



These ASTM A358 Stainless Steel Pipe grades are sold to a wide range of industries/markets, due to their overall corrosion resistance and good machinability:

  • ASTM A358 SS Pipes for Chemical and petrochemical
  • ASTM A358 Stainless steel EFW Pipe used for Power generation
  • ASTM A358 TP304 Pipe for Renewable energy
  • ASTM A358 grade 316L pipe for Pulp and Paper
  • ASTM A358 Stainless Steel welded pipe for Process piping
  • ASTM A358 TP316 Pipe used for Pharmaceutical
  • ASTM A358 Class 1 SS Seamless Pipes applications for Food and beverage
  • ASTM A358 Gr 316 SS Pipes used for Oil and gas
  • ASTM A358 SS Pipes applications in Mining
  • ASTM A358 SS Pipes used for Water/waste
  • ASTM A358 SS Pipes application for Marine Industry
  • ASTM A358 EFW Pipe application for Fertilizers
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