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The weight of steel pipe is a very important characteristic that helps in planning the entire project. A Stainless Steel Pipe Weight Calculator is utilized to accurately get the weight of the pipe. The calculator correctly estimates and evaluates the material density along with the size of the grade to correctly estimate the weight of the module. The calculator also helps in estimating the steel quantity that can be transported from one place to the other. The Stainless Steel Pipe Weight Formula helps in calculating the weight of the pipe. The formula for this pipe is P= t (D-t) X C. Here t is the thickness of the pipe that is expressed in mm or inches. The value D is the external diameter that is measured in inches. C is a static value of 0.02466 that is specified by SI units. The weight of the pipe is expressed as Kg/m or lb/ft depending on the measurement class used.

The Weight Calculator for Stainless Steel Tube calculates the weight of the plate and determines whether it is suitable for use in specific applications. The calculator can accurately measure custom sizes and shapes of a tube to put forth a correct estimate of the weight and load-carrying capacity of the tube. If you want to get assistance with the pipe Weight Calculator or any other components, visit any of our outlets or contact us to get your coils precisely weighed.

Check Stainless Steel Tube Weight Calculator for round, square, Rectangular and hollow shapes

Formula For Calculating Stainless Steel Pipe Weight :

0.D. (mm) - W. Thick (mm) X W. Thick (mm) X 0.0248 = Wt. Per Mtr.
0.D. (mm) - W. Thick (mm) X W. Thick (mm) X 0.00756 = Wt. Per Feet
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