MIL-T-6845 tube

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MIL-T-6845 Tube
MIL-T-6845 Tube
MIL-T-6845 TP304 Seamless Tube
MIL-T-6845 Seamless Tube
MIL-T-6845 TP304 stainless Tubing
MIL-T-6845 Welded Tube

TRILOK STEEL INDUSTRIES is well known supplier and manufacturer of MIL-T-6845 Tube. MIL-T-6845 specification presents requirements for thin-walled (inside diameter greater than four times the wall thickness and outside diameter 1/4 inch and larger) corrosion-resistant steel tubing in approximately the 1/8 hard condition, of special quality, AMS-T-6845 Tubes suitable for use in high-pressure hydraulic systems. 304 MIL-T-6845 tubes resist corrosion and oxidation, withstand high temperatures, provide cleanliness with low maintenance costs, and won’t interact with a wide variety of materials. MIL-T-6845D Tubing shall be inspected by ultrasonic, insnersion, pulse echo methods. A calibration shall be performed at the start of operations and periodically reest.ablished at least once each hour of continuous operation.

MIL-T-6845 Specification (Seamless, Welded & Drawn)

MIL-T-6845 Tubing Stock Size Range:
OD:250"- 5"
Walls:.006"- .250"


Attribute Value
SpecificationsAMS-T-6845, MIL-T-6845, AMS 5566
AMS NumberAMS T 6845
MIL-T-6845 Cross-sectional Shape StylePlain round
MIL-T-6845 Tube Wall Thickness0.035 inches
MIL-T-6845 Tube First End Style:Plain
MIL-T-6845 Tube Diameter0.500 inches
MIL-T-6845 Alloy304
MIL-T-6845 TypeStainless Steel
MIL-T-6845 Maximum Operating Temp800.0 deg fahrenheit
MIL-T-6845 Tube Maximum Operating Pressure3000.0 pounds per square inch
MIL-T-6845 Tube Surface Condition And LocationOutside polished
MIL-T-6845 Tube Measuring Method And Length144.000 inches specific
MIL-T-6845 Tube Special FeaturesAerospace vehicle hydraulic systems
MIL-T-6845 Cross Reference SpecMIL-T-6845D

MIL-T-6845 Specifications
MIL-T-6845 304 Seamless Stainless Tube
MIL-T-8504 Corrosion Resistant Tube
UNS S30400 Alloy 30304 MIL-T-6845


TRILOK STEEL INDUSTRIES is an ISO 9001-2008  MIL-T-6845 Welded stainless Steel Tube, are the most versatile and widely used stainless steels in aircraft hydraulic fine tubing. We stock and distribute a large and diverse inventory of MIL-T-6845 TP304 Seamless Tube, MIL-T-6845 TP304 Welded Tube and MIL-T-6845 TP304 Drawn Tube from industry-leading and widely accepted manufacturers who meet or exceed the stringent technical requirements.

Intended for use in high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems in which corrosion resistant materials are required. MIL-T-6845 tubing is not suitable for use in applications assembled by welding or brazing or exposed to temperatures higher than 800 degree F, because of impaired resistance to corrosion, where subsequent anneal not possible. A straight, hollow product, welded or seamless, of round, square, or any other cross section and continuous periphery, which does not conform in cross sectional dimensions to recognized pipe standards. SAE-AMS-T-6845 is designed to convey fluids, gasses, and/or semisolids. It may be rolled into coils for ease in handling. For items designed to join a tube or tube fitting to another tube, pipe, or hose or fitting, see adapter (as modified); coupling (as modified); or nipple (as modified). Excludes tube, bent (as modified); pipe, metallic; spacer, sleeve; metal bar (hollow); and items with fittings, except end protectors.

MIL-T-6845 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube Dealer, MIL-T-6845 Welded Tubes Importer, MIL-T-6845 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing Distributor, MIL-T-6845 Drawn Tubing Trader, MIL-T-6845 Seamless Tubing

Suppliers of MIL-T-6845 Stainless Steel Seamless tube, MIL-T-6845 Welded stainless Steel Tube, SAE-AMS-T-6845, MIL-T-6845 aircrfat hydraulic fine tubing Supplier in Mumbai, India.


MIL-T-6845 Tube Sizes / MIL-T-6845 TP 304 Stainless Steel tubing Sizes

MIL-T-6845 Tubes are finished in accordance with customer needs regarding dimensional and wall thickness specifications as well as heat treatment for more demanding applications. In general MIL-T-6845 TP304 stainless steel seamless tube and MIL-T-6845 TP304 stainless steel seamless tube manufactured according to current standards.


MIL-T-6845 Properties

MIL-T-6845 Chemical Composition

The below table shows the chemical composition of the used for MIL-T-6845 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing:

Weight % Ni Cr Mn C Si Mo S P Cu
Minimum 8.0018.00
Maximum 10.5020.


MIL-T-6845 TUBE Mechanical Properties (.250" OD and over)

Ultimate Yield Elongation %
105-14075-110 min20%


Available Stock of MIL-T-6845 TUBE, MIL-T-6845 TP304 SEAMLESS TUBE

MIL-T-6845 TP304 Stainless Steel TubeMIL-T-6845 TP304 Stainless teel Tube
MIL-T-6845 stainless steel TubeMIL-T-6845 Tube
MIL-T-6845 TP304L Stainless Steel TubeMIL-T-6845 TP 304 Cold Drawn Tube
MIL-T-6845 Seamless Stainless Steel TubeMIL-T-6845 TP 304 Tube
MIL-T-6845 TP304 Welded Stainless Steel TubeMIL-T-6845 Tube
304 MIL-T-6845 Stainless Steel Round TubeMIL-T-6845 Grade 304 Tube
MIL-T-6845  TP304 TubeMIL-T-6845 Gr. 304 Tube
MIL-T-6845 Corrosion Resistant TubeMIL-T-6845 Stainless Steel Seamless Tubing
MIL-T-6845 TP304 Stainless Steel Rectangular TubeWelded stainless steel tube MIL-T-6845
MIL-T-6845 1/8 Hard Stainless steel tubeMIL-T-6845 Aerospace tubing
MIL-T-6845 TubingMIL-T-6845 Steel tubing
AMS-T-6845 Seamless TubesSAE MIL-T-6845 Tube


MIL-T-6845 TUBE Price List

MIL-T-6845 TP 304 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing

Product Name: MIL-T-6845 TP 304 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing
Manufacturer Test Certificate 
IBR Test Certificate (Form III-D) 
Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab. 
Under Third Party Inspection with Excise Gate Pass to avail
Modvat benefit.

MIL-T-6845 TP 304 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing Value Added Services

  • Draw & Expansion as per required Size & Length
  • Polish (Electro & Commercial) Heat Treatment
  • Bending
  • Annealed & Pickled
  • Sand Blasting
  • Machining Etc.

Internal and external protection

We perform sandblasting according to SA 2,5 and protect the Tube surfaces from rust using a primer such as clear varnish, epoxy or zinc phosphate, etc. Upon request, we provide Tube protection by means of polyethylene, polypropylene, fibre-cement casing, or with bitumen. All kinds of paint coatings and galvanisation are also available.


MIL-T-6845 TP 304 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing Advantages

These MIL-T-6845 Stainless Steel Tube grades are sold to a wide range of industries/markets, due to their overall corrosion resistance and good machinability:

  • High strength
  • Resistant to high mechanical stresses
  • Resistant to high pressure
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Good formability
  • Reusable

MIL-T-6845 Tubing Packaging

MIL-T-6845 tubing shall be properly separated by size’(outside ~~~me~~~, and wall thickness. The ends of MIL-T-6845 tubing shall be sealed exclude dirt and dust.

MIL-T-6845 Tubing Packaging for shipment. Material shal1 be packaged for shipment in accordance with the methods prescribed in MIL-STD-163.

MIL-T-6845 Marking of shipments. Interior packages and exterior shfpping containers shal1 be marked in accordance with MIL-STO-129. The identification shall include the following information listed in the order shown: Stock No. or other identification number as specified in the purchase document TUBING, STEEL, CORROSION-RESISjANT [304), AEROSPACE VEHICLE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, 1/8 HARD ‘CONDITION MIL-T-6845 Size (diameter), Wall thickness ,Heat No., Type,Class,Quantity contained,Name of manufacturer,Name of contractor (if different from manufacturer),Contract or Order No.