MIL-T-8506 tube

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MIL-T-8506 Tube
MIL-T-8506 Tube
MIL-T-8506 TP304 Seamless Tube
MIL-T-8506 Seamless Tube
MIL-T-8506 TP304 stainless Tubing
MIL-T-8506 Welded Tube

TRILOK STEEL INDUSTRIES is well known supplier and manufacturer of MIL-T-8506 Tube. MIL-T-8506 specification covers seamless and welded tubing of corrosion resistant steel in the annealed condition. MIL-T-8506 Tubing Intended for use in the fabrication of aircraft parts requiring a high degree of resistance to corrosion. SAE-AMS-T-8506 Tubing not to be used in high pressure hydraulic control systems.

MIL-T-8506 Specification (Seamless & Welded)

MIL-T-8506 Tubing Stock Size Range:
OD:.032"- 5"
Walls:.006"- .250"
Tempers: Annealed


MIL-T-8506304Tubing, Steel, Corrosion Resistant, (304) Annealed, Seamless, Welded.


Specification Size OD Range Inches Tolerances
O.D. Wall
Plus Minus Plus Minus

MIL-T-8506 (T-304)
Under 0.094.001".001"10%10%
0.094 to 0.187.0015".0015"10%10%
0.188 to 0.499.003".003"10%10%
0.500 to 0.999.004".004"10%10%
1.000 to 1.499.005".005"10%10%
1.500 to 1.999.006".006"10%10%
2.000 to 2.499.007".007"10%10%
2.500 to 3.499.010".010"10%10%
3.500 to 5.000.015".015"10%10%


MaterialSpecification NumberTemper
U.S. Govt.SAE
304 SeamlessMIL-T-8504AMS-5560Annealed
304 WeldedMIL-T-8504AMS-5565Annealed
Attribute Value
SpecificationsAMS-T-8506, MIL-T-8506, AMS 5565
AMS NumberAMS T 8506
MIL-T-8506 Tube Special FeaturesAerospace vehicle hydraulic systems

MIL-T-8506 Specifications
MIL-T-8506 304 Seamless Stainless Tube

MIL-T-8506 Corrosion Resistant Tube
UNS S30400 Alloy 30304 MIL-T-8506


TRILOK STEEL INDUSTRIES is an ISO 9001-2008 MIL-T-8506 Tube supplier, the most versatile and widely used stainless steels in aerospace industry. We stock and distribute a large and diverse inventory of MIL-T-8506 TP304 Seamless Tube and MIL-T-8506 TP304 Welded Tube from industry-leading and widely accepted manufacturers who meet or exceed the stringent technical requirements. MIL-T-8506 Intended for use in the fabrication of aircraft parts requiring a high degree of resistance to corrosion. MIL-T-8506 Tubing not to be used in high pressure hydraulic control systems.

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MIL-T-8506 Tube Sizes / MIL-T-8506 TP 304 Stainless Steel tubing Sizes

MIL-T-8506 Tubes are finished in accordance with customer needs regarding dimensional and wall thickness specifications as well as heat treatment for more demanding applications. In general MIL-T-8506 TP304 stainless steel seamless tube and MIL-T-8506 TP304 stainless steel welded tube manufactured according to current standards.


MIL-T-8506 Properties

MIL-T-8506 Chemical Composition

The below table shows the chemical composition of the used for MIL-T-8506 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing:

Weight % Ni Cr Mn C Si Mo S P Cu
Minimum 8.0018.00
Maximum 10.5020.


MIL-T-8506 TUBE Mechanical Properties (.250" OD and over)

Typical Mechanical Properties

Nominal OD Nominal Wall Ultimate KSI Yield KSI Elongation in 2"
.187 and less.016 and less115 max3030
Over .01675-1003040
Over .187.012 and110 max3037
To .500 inclLess 
Over .01275-1003040
Over .500All75-1003040


Available Stock of MIL-T-8506 TUBE, MIL-T-8506 TP304 SEAMLESS TUBE

MIL-T-8506 TP304 Stainless Steel TubeMIL-T-8506 TP304 Stainless teel Tube
MIL-T-8506 stainless steel TubeMIL-T-8506 Tube
MIL-T-8506 TP304L Stainless Steel TubeMIL-T-8506 TP 304 Annealed Tube
MIL-T-8506 Seamless Stainless Steel TubeMIL-T-8506 TP 304 Tube
MIL-T-8506 TP304 Welded Stainless Steel TubeMIL-T-8506 Seamless Tube
304 MIL-T-8506 Stainless Steel Round TubeMIL-T-8506 Grade 304 Tube
MIL-T-8506  TP304 TubeMIL-T-8506 Gr. 304 Tube
MIL-T-8506 Corrosion Resistant TubeMIL-T-8506 Stainless Steel Seamless Tubing
MIL-T-8506 TP304 Stainless Steel Rectangular TubeWelded stainless steel tube MIL-T-8506
MIL-T-8506 1/8 Hard Stainless steel tubeMIL-T-8506 Aerospace tubing
MIL-T-8506 TubingMIL-T-8506 Steel tubing
AMS-T-8506 Seamless TubesSAE MIL-T-8506 Tube


MIL-T-8506 TUBE Price List

MIL-T-8506 TP 304 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing

Product Name: MIL-T-8506 TP 304 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing
Manufacturer Test Certificate 
IBR Test Certificate (Form III-D) 
Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab. 
Under Third Party Inspection with Excise Gate Pass to avail
Modvat benefit.

MIL-T-8506 TP 304 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing Value Added Services

  • Draw & Expansion as per required Size & Length
  • Polish (Electro & Commercial) Heat Treatment
  • Bending
  • Annealed & Pickled
  • Sand Blasting
  • Machining Etc.

Internal and external protection

We perform sandblasting according to SA 2,5 and protect the Tube surfaces from rust using a primer such as clear varnish, epoxy or zinc phosphate, etc. Upon request, we provide Tube protection by means of polyethylene, polypropylene, fibre-cement casing, or with bitumen. All kinds of paint coatings and galvanisation are also available.


MIL-T-8506 TP 304 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing Advantages

These MIL-T-8506 Stainless Steel Tube grades are sold to a wide range of industries/markets, due to their overall corrosion resistance and good machinability:

  • High strength
  • Resistant to high mechanical stresses
  • Resistant to high pressure
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Good formability
  • Reusable

MIL-T-8506 Tubing Packaging

MIL-T-8506 tubing shall be properly separated by size’(outside ~~~me~~~, and wall thickness. The ends of MIL-T-8506 tubing shall be sealed exclude dirt and dust.

MIL-T-8506 Tubing Packaging for shipment. Material shal1 be packaged for shipment in accordance with the methods prescribed in MIL-STD-163.

MIL-T-8506 Marking of shipments. Interior packages and exterior shfpping containers shal1 be marked in accordance with MIL-STO-129. The identification shall include the following information listed in the order shown: Stock No. or other identification number as specified in the purchase document TUBING, STEEL, CORROSION-RESISjANT [304), AEROSPACE VEHICLE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, 1/8 HARD ‘CONDITION MIL-T-8506 Size (diameter), Wall thickness ,Heat No., Type,Class,Quantity contained,Name of manufacturer,Name of contractor (if different from manufacturer),Contract or Order No.